Leadership Team

Sunset Studios’ leadership team brings a range of experience and knowledge, dedication to innovative thinking and commitment to excellence. Together, these leaders are responsible for guiding the growth and overseeing the day-to-day operations of our studios.

Jeff Stotland

Executive Vice President

Global Studios

Louis Dargenzio


Sunset Studios & Quixote

Olivia Theroux

Chief Financial Officer

Sunset Studios & Quixote

Jeff Arnone

Senior Vice President

Sales—Production Services

Anne Mehrtens

Senior Vice President

Studio Operations

Crystal Osejo

Senior Vice President

Operations—Production Services

Erik Thoreen

Senior Vice President

UK and Studios East

Stefanie Bourne

Vice President

Studio Finance & Strategy

Tyler Kramer

Vice President

Real Estate

Erica Nye

Vice President

People & Culture

Dave Rinell

Vice President


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